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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 10 2018 - Sep 15 2018


Sep 10 2018 - Sep 15 2018


Retreat Date

Sep 10-15 2018


Damouchari, Pelion



Group size

Max 10 participants

magine yourself practicing Pilates and meridian clearing under the glowing Greek sky. See yourself embracing life changes under the mountain of the hearty Centaurs. Visualize yourself receiving the benefits of Zhineng QiGong in a peaceful protected bay.
This program has been built by highly specialized and educated instructors and offers an equal amount of seclusion and contact. The hotel has been selected with attention and care and sits under the Pelion mountain in the peaceful sea-side village of Damouchari. It boasts a car-free zone with many beautiful hiking routes and is the perfect natural shelter for relaxation and rejuvenation.


  • 5 Pilates and meridian clearing sessions
  • 5 Morning meditations
  • 5 Singing Bowl mindfullness sessions with NLP and guided visualization
  • 5 ZhiNeng QiGong sessions
  • A day mountain hiking
  • A self massage instruction
  • 5 nights’ accommodation
  • Daily brunch and Greek dinner with local recipes
  • Tailored personal wellness plan (on demand)


  • 5 nights accommodation in a traditional twin/double room with ensuite bathroom (for exclusive use of room, please check availability)
  • 5 brunches
  • 5 dinners
  • Daily 3.5 hour group sessions
  • A day mountain hiking
  • A self massage instruction


  • Tavel insurance (RECOMMENDATIONS: http://www.globelink.co.uk,  https://www.allcleartravel.co.uk/travel-insurance/europe/ )
  • Transportation (on demand we can arrange transportation from Thessaloniki or Volos)
  • Tailored personal wellness plan (personalized holistic treatments)


  • Check for availability ([email protected])
  • Book for the Retreat
  • Get air/transport tickets
  • Email air/transport details to confirm your booking


We narrate a series of specially selected local mythology and traditional stories in an inspiring environment. You re-connect with the creative and symbolic right brain side to balance out the rational and logical left side.


It is also possible to chart a personalized wellness plan, involving holistic bodywork, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy and other sessions, offered in the free time.


The area offers a range of nature activities such as mountain hiking, canoeing, kayaking and swimming etc.


Ioannis E. Dovros is a Holistic Therapist. He supports people in both physical and psychological health and specializes in physical training for chronic disease. He is a qualified psychotherapeutic group facilitator and has worked in the field of addiction. Interested in holistic therapeutic treatments, he has trained in Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Massage, Holistic Massage, Asian Massage, SuJok and Clinical Pilates. He is also teaching pilates teachers and reflexologists as well as continuously researching his field.


Accomodation is provided at Damouchari Hotel with the wonderful garden and the refreshing swimming pool (http://www.damouchari.gr).
The origin of the Centaurs is dark. An interpretation that seems reasonable is that they were a wild breed of people who lived in the mountains of Thessaly. They were initially engaged in riding and hunting bulls and other beasts. A myth reports that a king of the area had instructed these horsemen to bring back the oxen or bulls that had escaped. The horsemen then led the lost animals back to the grasslands by piercing them with the “vucentro” (long stick with a sharp edge to disturb the cattle and guide them). Thus, the etymology of the word Centaur can be explained as the “centron” + “taurus” (spike + bull).
Centaur Chiron, described as “righteous” by Homer and “wise” by Pindar, was the most sensible centaur, the son of Oceana Filyra and Saturn. He was particularly known for his wisdom and knowledge. He was polite and kind, unlike some of the other fierce centaurs. He taught medicine to many and the science of medicine (especially surgery) and hunting for Apollo’s son, Asclepius. Chiron educated Achilles and made him an expert in the use of drugs and weapons. He also guided Jason, the leader of the legendary Argonaut Expedition.

Pilates and meridian clearing

We instruct you through a whole-body stretching program combining Pilates and meridian clearing practices. The program takes place under the vigorous sun with the help of balls, rings and other devices. You focus on breath control by activating the diaphragm to improve the activity of the deep muscles. You increase awareness of the neutral position and the range of the pelvic movement to activate the deep muscles. You learn the right connection between the head, neck, spine, chest and pelvis for proper body posture. The program is suitable for all ages, tailored to personal needs, and is great at increasing vitality. No previous experience is required.

Singing Bowl Mindfulness

We guide you into the meditative experience of the Tibetan singing bowls, where the vibrations stir the alpha and theta brain waves and help the body enter a state of deep serenity. You feel the self-healing forces of the body activated by the impact of yoga nidra and the effect of the sounds.

NLP interventions

NLP interventions and guided visualization are softly integrated in the singing bowls mindfullness sessions. You get in touch with the true needs of your organism as a whole, awakening your inner wisdom that makes deep and positive change sustainable. You explore psychosomatic symptoms and listen to their hidden healing message from a holistic perspective. Neuro-lingustic programming is applied in a group setting to compliment change in any area of your life, relationships, career, health, or spirituality. Systemic family or group constellations may be offered to enable you towards a positive transformation in your life.

ZhiNeng QiGong

We offer you a series of both dynamic and static QiGong, combining motion sequences as well as static healing postures. You become familiar with deep meditation techniques that put the self in the centre. You enact ZhiNeng QiGong, a type of moving meditation that puts the same emphasis on body and mind, activates the energy channels of the body, nourishes the organs and body systems and increases mental and physical consciousness. Zhineng QiGong combines “Qi” the energy of life, “Gong” daily effort and practice, “Zhi” wisdom and intelligence, and “Neng” ability in all its aspects.


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