Combine your stay in Pelion mountain or the city of Volos
with specialised wellness therapies or a whole tailored-made
wellness program, for relaxtion and rejuvenation.


Poreia Ygeias (Health Route) was created by health professionals who make their way together with an aim to psychosomatically reinforce their clients. Our vision is to facilitate people who wish to develop in a holistic manner.
Poreia Ygeias invites you to a walk of motion and balance.
Poreia Ygeias offers you the opportunity to combine the enjoyment of the bluest of seas and the stay at the finest of Pelion resorts, with the benefits of wellness retreats and alternative therapies.
The word “holistic” stems from the ancient Greek word “olon”, meaning “whole” or “complete”, as in the relevant therapeutic practices the client is treated not only physically, but also sentimentally and mentally. Holistic treatments are widely used and taught in universities around the world. The way they affect the human organism is remarkable and, as research states, they are safe to use in all ages and diseases, as they are free of side-effects and free of counter reactions with other treatments or medicine.


Damouchari is the only natural port of Pelion and a place with special energy. It was first spotted by the Venetians during the medieval period, when Venice dominated the entire Mediterranean Sea and coast. Damouchari was originally a castle (ruins of which are still there at the village), built as a refuelling station and a fortress that protected the Venetians from the frequent pirate raids of that time. Over the years, two stories have survived and prevailed, to explain the origin of the name “Damouchari”, a historical one and a romantic one.

It is said that the Venetian sailors and residents were heading to Damouhari’s safe castle every time the pirates tried to attack them. Hidden inside the castle, they called on the Virgin Mary to protect them from danger and give them strength for the battle. They prayed to her, saying, “da mi (Latin) charin (Greek)” meaning “give me favour.” Over time the phrase “da mi charin” remained as “Damouchari”.

Captain Apostolos Vainopoulos was a local merchant from Pelion, travelled to Europe and specifically to Romania, met and fell in love with Cleopatra, a cosmopolitan countess. From the nobility of Bucharest he brought her to the peaceful port of Damouchari, dedicating the whole village to her. The loneliness she felt due to the distance from her family and the frequent absence of her beloved captain, led to her death and the early end of a great love. Since then, the locals have named the village “Damouchari” from the phrase “d’amour (French) charin (Greek)” meaning “for the sake of love”.

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