Combine your stay in Pelion mountain or the city of Volos
with specialised wellness therapies or a whole tailored-made
wellness program, for relaxtion and rejuvenation.

ONLINE one-to-one THERAPY “Talking with my internal healer”

Through the technique of guided visualization and targeted questions and answers, you get related with inner foldings of your self, see problematic situations from new perspectives, meet with your deeper needs and express them. Hand in hand, imagery and internal dialogue activate fantasy that awakens dreams of the past or hopes for the future. All helping in better knowing your self.

In a safe environment, your guiding coach joins you in your wonderful journey till you find your Internal Healer, full of answers to troubling questions.

Online therapy takes place on Zoom platform. Book here. See reviews here.


Holistic wellness techniques are healing methods widely used in both healthy people and patients. They have been used by ancient Greeks (Hippocrates) it as early as 430 B.C. There are historical reports indicating that holistic wellness techniques were used in India and China 5000 years ago. Their basic principle is the kneading of the soft tissues of the body with a beneficial aim. An effective holistic treatment results in the improvement of blood circulation in muscles and soft tissues. While cleaning the waste products, applying pressure on the muscles allows the entrance of more nutrients in them. It offers a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.


The purpose of cranial treatment is to balance the cranial-rhythm of the body, that is, the rate at which cerebrospinal fluid moves from the brain to the spine. The movement of this fluid gives all the commands to the central nervous system to function, and its unimpeded flow is vital to ensure good health. By shaking hands with the cranium-like rhythm and exercising very mild pressures, the rhythm returns to balance.


Reflexology is an ancient natural holistic approach. It has been used in China, Egypt and Greece (Hippocratic meridians). It is based on the existence of reflex points on the soles, the palms and other specific spots of the body that correspond to an organ or body function. These spots are systematically stimulated though special pressures leading to the activation of the healing forces of the body and resulting in the relaxation and harmony of the organism.

Through the activation of the body’s self-healing capability, Reflexology contributes to the relief of anxiety and other psychogenic problems, such as headaches, migraines, respiratory problems, colds, extreme fatigue, rhinitis, digestive disorders etc. Reflexology presents no counter-effects and is suitable for all, except pregnant women in the 1st-3rd month of pregnancy.


Oriental stretching techniques include a variety of treatments and hand-pressure techniques from the east. Oriental stretching techniques use a variety of stretching, mobilization and thumb specific meridian points. The aim is to provide the greatest possible release, relaxation and well being by improving the physical, mental and energy levels. They ensure deep relaxation and release tension and chronic stress. These are responsible for many ‘psychosomatic’ malfunctions.


The face reflexology is a modern method, which has been developed for over a long period of 25 survey years. The method uses thumb techniques for nerve endings and meridians. It ensures deep serenity and relief.

Singing bowl
and sound

These technique combine reflexology with the technique of singing bowls relaxation. The singing bowls (also called “sound-bowls”) help the person find harmony, because of sounds and vibrations. The sound is a result of a cyclical movement of a wooden stick which rhythmically touches the thibetan metal bowl. Researches have found that the singing bowls produce a measurable bowl vibration which is equivalent to the alpha and theta waves generated by the brain. These waves slow down brain activity so that we can have better concentration and focus. So the combination of the beneficial effects of reflexology and singing bowls give the individual a unique experience of relaxation and wellness.


After a personal interview, the therapist chooses among a variety of techniques and means that are used to boost, diffuse or ease the unbalanced energy blocked in several areas of the body. Cloths, oils and powders are used for this purpose. Hippocratic relaxation technique is described in detail in the works of Galinos and is considered to be vital in the prevention of many diseases.

(Usui Reiki Ryoho)

Reiki is a method that began from Japan and has beneficial effects on the physical well-being. This method uses the touch of hands to channel energy that exists in the universe. The Reiki method is carried out by putting the hands on various parts of the body of the receptor. It restores energy blockages where they exist. Reiki complements any medical treatment, medication, psychological therapy or alternative therapy. It helps recovery, rehabilitation and improvement and is suitable for all, regardless of age.


It is a whole-body stretching program combined with subtle physical exercise that will take place under the sun. The program is suitable for all ages, adaptable to the customer’s needs, and forms a mixture of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi practices, ideal for a vitality rise. It is also possible to chart a personal training program as well as a complete personalized wellness plan.

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