Combine your stay in Pelion mountain or the city of Volos
with specialised wellness therapies or a whole tailored-made
wellness program, for relaxtion and rejuvenation.

  • Trish about "Dolphins' Leap Retreat" A very big thank you for the wonderful pilates/wellness retreat at Dophins Leap, you are a brilliant and inspiring instructor and guide for all the different sessions. I loved every single minute, and your amazing treatments that helped me to feel rebalanced and calmer. I returned home feeling restored, refocussed and empowered - my friends keep asking what I've been taking! Best wishes, and hope to see you next year!

    Trish September, 2022
  • Beth about "Dolphins' Leap Retreat" It’s difficult to know where to begin with Ioannis, simply put he made my experience at the Dolphin’s Leap retreat unforgettable. His knowledge and skills are second to none but what I was most struck by was his gentle and caring nature. He radiates passion and made everyone feel so welcome. It really felt like more than just a job to him. As a Pilates Instructor he is the best I’ve experienced. He has a brilliant technique of emphasising the importance of getting even the most basic exercises correct, so often other instructors miss the mark here and basics can become boring and lose their form. He worked with us as individuals despite the class setting and knew exactly when to push each of us and when to offer more specific modifications. His classes were just excellent. In terms of the treatments he offers he again was the best practitioner I’ve ever had. His wealth of knowledge and experience means he is able to really personalise the work and do whatever someone needs. He identified and corrected a couple of issues in my spine which have caused me pain for such a long time and recommend a few things I could do going forward to help with various other aspects of my health. If he lived in the UK I would be back every week without a doubt. Ioannis is a really special person to be around, you felt his presence and noticed his absence. I feel hugely lucky that I got to experience the retreat and be a part of the bubble he created. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

    Beth September 2022
  • Rosemary and Nick about "Dolphins' Leap Retreat" My husband and I have just returned from a Pilates retreat at Dolphins Leap in Lefokastro where we had a wonderful time. Ioannis was pivotal in providing us with the most exceptional experiences. Our days included meditation on the beach, Pilates with a sunset backdrop, an evening Qi Gong session followed by a final meditation session with sound bowls. Ioannis also offered a variety of treatments which were perfectly tailored to our individual needs. The combination of these different experiences was relaxing, uplifting and left us feeling renewed and replenished. We returned home with many more tools in our self-care toolkits! We recommend this amazing retreat to anyone who needs a little time to themselves.”

    Rosemary and Nick September, 2022
  • "Psychosomatic Symptoms and how to prevent them to evolve " Ioanna’s up-skills are the basis for a trusting relationship which concludes to an unconscious deep dive inside yourself. That brings you opposed to your reality and Ioanna helps you to develop ways to provide help to yourself by acquiring and maintaining a good health way before the symptoms even appear. Very impressed with how comprehensive and discreetly supportive she is. Available at

    Christina June 2020
  • Nicki’ about "Talking with my Internal Healer" one-to-one online therapy. I met Ioannis for the first time online, having heard amazing reviews about his work from people who have attended his retreats. I have no previous experience with healing and body work, and I was curious to experience how we would work together through the body remotely. My experience exceeded all my expectations! Ioannis is an incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and talented practitioner. Combining his expertise in psychotherapy, body work and energy healing, we worked together through a process of guided meditation, combining questions, with visualisations, and meditating on physical sensations arising in the body. I am a trained Life Coach, so familiar with the process of self-discovery through a conversational approach - but I was truly amazed at the powerful results we got out of just one session, by tapping into the imagination through the body. I found it remarkable and highly recommend working with Ioannis, in person or remotely, for a deep personal exploration and profound healing experience. Thank you so much Ioannis!

    Nicki May 2020
  • Molly on Online Therapy "Talking with my Internal Healer" I have known Ioannis for seven years now and work alongside him at Dolphin’s Leap Yoga Retreat. I have experienced his incredible body and energetic work in person and was looking forward to working with him online. Knowing Ioannis I knew he would also be able to heal online. We had a wonderful session where he used visualisation and introspection to guide me through a dialogue with my own body and psyche. I was able to move energy through his guidance and could feel its release through my head (my face went very hot and when I looked at the webcam it was bright red!) I felt very light and clear after our session and felt I got great perspective on my issue. Ioannis is an extremely gifted and knowledgable practitioner. He is great at holding space and has a very calm and nurturing temperament. I would highly recommend working with him.

    Molly 2020
  • Frauke on Mindful QiGong Pilates 2019 When I booked the retreat I was in the middle of a heavy treatment and felt physically and emotionally drained and exhausted and needed a break to recharge. I started doing Zhineng Qigong a few months earlier and I wanted to learn more about it. Since it's not as popular as other Qigong styles, I felt very lucky to have found a retreat like this where it's even combined with other wellness methods. Plus including it in a proper holiday in Greece felt perfect. The combination of the different methods Ioannis used made it very special. It is a very tailored program that focusses on physical aspect with a very soft but precise pilates class, which I loved, the energetic aspect with Zhineng Qigong and the emotional/mental aspect with guided meditations. Me and my friend felt very welcome from the very first moment and enjoyed the person atmosphere Ioannis created. His skills as a trained physiotherapist showed not only in the classes but also in the treatments such as foot reflexology massage or osteopathy. We loved waking up every morning with the beautiful view and end the day with a sounds healing meditation for sunset, finished by an authentic dinner in a greek tavern. It's been a great holiday! Thank you Ioannis. Retrieved at

    Frauke 2019
  • Mercedes about Mindful QiGong Pilates 2019   Ioannis’ retreat was amazing. I was originally drawn to the Pilates element but the week turned out to be so much richer than just good exercise. The days were structured well with a great balance of activity and free time. Technically the Pilates and Qi Gong instruction was excellent, we were a group of mixed abilities and I think everyone felt catered for and pushed within their own individual ranges. The strongest positive for me however was the deeply spiritual experience I had on this retreat – I didn’t have any expectations of soul searching but it happened organically through Ioannis’ guidance and healing presence, it was a really powerful week which  helped me release and connect in a wonderful way. I couldn’t recommend the retreat and Ioannis highly enough!

    Mercedes Perez-Vites 2019
  • QUEEN OF RETREATS reviewing DOLPHINS' LEAP WELLNESS RETREAT-2018   I’m here for the Week-long Wellness Retreat that mixes Pilates with meditation and qigong. Out programme begins at 8 am the following morning with a meditation on the beach. We establish a cycle of breathing through the forehead, eyes, mouth and chest. This physical feat starts to make sense as we establish a rhythm, tune in to the waves and draw energy from the sky and earth. Pilates is next and we stretch, lift, squeeze and pulse our way through progressively more challenging exercises. Ioannis is careful to adapt exercises to accommodate injuries and correct posture when the odd hip joint objects: “Who make crack? We do not want!”. As I give t my all, I’m reminded to “keep shoulders down – we are not boxing!”. Spirituality is distinctly lacking in this class but as Ioannis confirms: “This is gymnastic”. Having earns our breakfast we enjoy the array of fresh eggs, wholemeal bread, yogurt, honey, nuts, and fruit, as well as the delicious aromas of lunch already in the oven. Late morning is when many of us book in for personal treatments. I have an excellent head and neck massage and later a craniosacral therapy that leaves me feeling rebalanced and realigned. Others choose Reiki, reflexology and acupuncture. A young nurse with occupational back pain hails Ioannis a ‘hero’ and her mother declares him to have ‘magic hands’ after he eases her neck injury. All agree that his healing is remarkable. Retrieved at

  • MOTION IN BALANCE WELLNESS RETREAT-2018 This was my first experience of this kind of retreat, incorporating Zhineng Qigong and Pilates. The setting of Damouchari village was idyllic and ideal for a holistic wellness retreat like this. The calm and relaxed atmosphere of the village contributed to this feeling, all in all it was more than I had hoped and expected for. An unforgettable experience with life changing effects. The wellness program occupied several hours of the early part of the morning and late afternoon and evening giving enough time for self-reflection and relaxation. The programme was well balanced and structured. Your explanation and demonstration of Zhineng Qigong was very clear so that I as a novice to Zhineng Qigong could easily follow the instructions. I’m keen to continue with the practice of Zhineng qigong and I’m looking at possible schools close-by, although not easy to find. The benefits are profound. I immediately began to feel the benefits, breathing in the deep blue sky through the different parts of the body, the guided visualizations and meditation, the practice of Qigong and the singing bowls. I could soon feel the change in qi flow in my body, as well as lightness, harmony and balance. This all helped to awaken the senses to all the elements and senses. I’ll never forget the Pilates exercises every morning under the olive trees, often challenging! Thank you, I benefited a lot from the reflexology treatments and your healing hands. It was a pity that, because of circumstances, we weren’t able to meet Johanna and benefit from her guidance and systematic constellations as well. The walk to Fakistra beach was unforgettable – the climb on the stone path, walking on the contour path among the old olive trees, the smells of the plants like the mint, the breathtaking views of the coast and sea, and the steep descent to the beach. I also enjoyed the homely atmosphere and wonderful food from Apostolos’s kitchen, specially the spinach pie, all the meals and informal relaxed conversations. I am also grateful for your warm hospitality and kindness in fetching me from the harbor and staying overnight at your house on my way home. All the best for future retreats and your practice. You are highly specialized in your fields and caring towards the participants. Would love to do another holistic retreat like this in the future. Please let me know of possible retreats in the next year or so.

    Cornelia K. 30 September

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