Combine your stay in Pelion mountain or the city of Volos
with specialised wellness therapies or a whole tailored-made
wellness program, for relaxtion and rejuvenation.


Ioannis E. Dovros is a Holistic Therapist and Psychotherapist. He supports people who wish to build their lives on the ground of both physical and psychological health, in a holistic way.
He began his professional history in the field of gymnastics and physical training, and specialized in the area of training people with disability or chronic disease. His personal quest and his interest in dealing with social problems brought him to meet with Social Clinical Psychology and to support people with addiction problems. Seeking to a full expression of the mind and body, he has chosen the psychotherapeutic method of Non Directive Intervention and the psychotherapeutic physical Playback Theater. Interested as he is in holistic therapeutic treatments, he was trained in Reflexology, Sound Massage, Holistic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Clinical Pilates, and is currently training others, as a Reflexology teacher and researcher. He has come in the city of Volos, where he lives with his family, and facilitates psychotherapeutic groups, cooperates with social agencies, gives holistic treatment sessions and trains medical fitness groups.

Professional studies

Graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science (special exercise), Postgraduate studies in Social Clinical Psychology of Addiction and Psychosocial Problems, Trained in Non Directive Psychotherapy (N.D.I.), Trained in Non Directive Group Facilitating (N.D.I.), licensed Reflexologist (N.H.S.), specialized in Craniosacral Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Flower Remedy, Sujok and Sound Massage, trained in Clinical Pilates and Clinical Reformer, Honorary member of the Greek Institute of Massage, member of the Greek Society of Ergospirometry, Exercise and Rehabilitation, member of the Greek Reflexologists Association


Ioanna Georgiadou is a Social-Clinical Psychologist, Family Psychotherapist, specializing in addictions and psychosocial problems. She supports adults and adolescents following the principles of client-centered psychotherapy from a systemic perspective.
She particularly loves coordinating counseling and personal development groups. Her interest in the area of ​​disability led her to special education, where she explores the issue of the quality of life of people with disabilities.
The path of her life has brought her to Volos, where she has chosen to work and live with her family.

Professional studies

Graduate of Psychology, specialized in Systemic Psychotherapy and Counseling, Special Educator, MSc in Social and Clinical Psychology PhD candidate

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